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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hardcore Preschool

As homeschool moms often do, I was swapping curriculum and scheduling ideas with a friend before the school year started in August. If you knew this friend, whom I love, her comment wouldn't surprise you, but I had to laugh when she said, in all seriousness, she was going to do some "hardcore preschool" with her 4-year old.

Our preschool philosophy is a little laid back to say the least. More like following Einstein's idea that imaginative play paves the way to genius. (Or something like that.)

Here's a little of what preschool looks like in our house: it starts with an idea of theirs. A picnic with our colorful plastic-ware required 12 plates, 12 matching bowls and 12 friends for each place setting.

Then 12 cups were needed, but they, of course, had to match the plates and bowls. And, each friend needed at least one piece of food.  That's counting to 12 at least five times. On his own. And a lesson in colors and matching.

Enlisting help from his sisters counts as leadership development and training in teamwork.

Another day we got some shaving cream out for each of them to practice their skill of the day.

Chase practiced writing the letter T.

Sammie practiced adding 8s.

Even little Ava was practicing her shapes and after a while we added a different food color to each pile of shaving cream. Then we got really crazy and tried mixing them up.  We made green and purple and then they learned when you mix every color it just turns grey.  ART!

We even had music practice when they pulled all my pots and pans out of the cabinet to create "Arni's Angels," the living room band.  I only had to throw away one of my bamboo spoons from all the banging.  I think everyone should have a silver drum set.

Rhythm, creativity, imagination and big messes!

Now, is that hardcore or what?


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  1. This is fabulous- kids learn through play- research is showing what we moms already knew!