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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last of Arkansas, Plus a Left Hook?

Not so much story-telling today, but some photos to prove we actually did go to Arkansas and that I'm not just practicing my writing skills.

There are cotton fields all over the place there and we pulled over so Sammie could see one up close.  Brian and I got into a little tiff about whether or not it would be ok for Sam to keep some of it.  I don't know if you can tell, but this field had already been harvested once.  Want to weigh in with your opinion?  Stealing or education?

When my cousin emailed this photo to us, I realized this might be the only one that has all six of us in it. I think I'll keep it.
In Little Rock, a new park had been built down by the Arkansas River. When we pulled up, we couldn't see much of anything. That's because a lot of it is built down in the ground. No merry-go-rounds or swing sets. You come down the slide, then choose from several cave-looking entrances. There are short tunnels that take you to rock climbing walls or other parts of the playground. I've never seen anything like it and the kids loved it!  There's a better description here, but no photos and my photos just do not do it justice.

There are black circles strategically located in the fountain part of the park.  Chase is climbing up to one on this stump.  Look what happens when you push this button...

I wish the photos were better, but they give you the idea.  There's just nothing like a visit with good friends. We had a great time at the park with the Adcock's, out to dinner, and at their fantastic church. I was so blessed by Darrell's worship set in their chapel.  (He's their Worship Director) They have several venues and it was a blessing that he was leading in the traditional setting, so that Grandaddy would really enjoy it, too.  I know there's a reason God separated us, but I tell Him frequently, how I just don't like it one bit!  I'm glad He's more patient than I am.

I started to put this post together yesterday in the waiting room of a doctor's office.  On the way out of said doctor's office, Grandaddy bit the dust.  Though I didn't see protruding bones, I was concerned about the blood I did see and the blood I, perhaps, could not see, so we went to the ER for the afternoon.  I didn't document the bruises and scrapes on his knee, hands and elbow, which would support a story that he actually fell.  This photo could make me look very, very bad, except that I'm right handed and I do sorta like the guy.

Amazingly, nothing was broken, cracked or damaged in any permanent way.  Is this guy tough or what?



  1. Look! It's me leaving you a comment! Education - definitely. It reminds me of numerous trips to Alabama to visit my aunt when I was a child. My dad would always pull over and let me "pick some cotton." I'm so glad Grandaddy wasn't hurt worse!

  2. Education! I'd take some myself! :)
    I definitely think you guys need to go to a photographer and get a picture with Granddaddy. One of my favorite pics is our BuddyPa with the great-grands on our side. Love it. Do it! :)

    So glad he's ok, but that eye looks so bad! :(

  3. Have the photo of the six of you framed-what a wonderful picture to have for you and the kids for the rest of your lives!Grandma Scheurich

  4. Glad to see Granddaddy is ok. He could probably make up a great story to tell folks about his "shiner". :-)

    Looks like y'all had such a wonderful time!