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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Be A Flirt, Lift Your Shirt

This little episode had me laughing so hard, I was crying.  And, as Brian will tell you, it takes something very unique to make me laugh.

This is about day two of our trip to Arkansas and Brian wanted to take a snooze, since he'd driven the eight hours the day before. I asked Grandaddy to ride up front with me so we could talk.

The trek from Blytheville to Little Rock is an interstate heavily laden with semi-trucks.  I suppose they all are, but this one seemed like mostly semis with only a few sedans here and there.  You know how truck driver humor is a little risque sometimes?  Well, instead of the usual naked lady silhouette on the mud flap, this one fella wanted some real entertainment. His mud flap read: Be A Flirt, Lift Yer Shirt.

I started giggling and pointed it out to Grandaddy and said, "When we pass this truck, you need to lift your shirt."  He smiled.

I'd had two shirts on earlier in the day, but shed the top layer as it grew warmer and my sweater was laying in between the seats.  When we got close to the truck, Grandaddy said, "Honk your horn as we pass by."  So, we got close and I honked my horn.  He took his cap off and starting waving my sweater in the window.

Is this funny to ANYone else?  



  1. I'm guessing Grandaddy also did some mooning on the highway?

  2. yes, it was funny to me, too :)

  3. Now, THAT's wit!!! He's sharp! I would guess that maybe even the truck driver chuckled. (And then got on his CB radio to warn truckers ahead about a horn-honkin' lady and funny older man in a loaded down station wagon coming their way!) ;-)

  4. Breaker breaker 1-9, we've got a Grandpa with a great sense of humor in the sedan!