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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just A Little Thing I've Been Workin' On

I've had so much fun putting together this Star Chenille Quilt for a sweet friend of mine who's having a baby girl in a few weeks.  I couldn't tell you about it, because it was a surprise!  Well, now that we've showered her abundantly, I can show you.

I had a few extra squares and sewed them together for a baby doll blanket. I thought she might find it fun some day to snuggle her baby in the same kind of "bankick" that she has. (That's little Ava's pronunciation.)

I'm not a great seamstress, but I love to play around. My very crafty and talented mother-in-law taught me how to do this.  Here's the website if you want to get the pattern for yourself.  I only spent about 8 dollars on fabric for this one.

Seriously, you CAN NOT mess this up. If you can sew straight (even sort of), you can make this in any size with any kinds of soft flannels you like.  Choose between two complimentary fabrics or lots of different ones even if they don't look like they match.  That's why they sometimes call this a "crazy quilt" or "rag quilt". You sew the batting in between the individual squares and then sew the squares into rows. I made a manly looking plaid-ish one for Brian a few years ago and made a fancy one for my Mom's formal living room after that.

As an aside, this kind of project is like therapy for me.  Something that is just mine and I can get lost in it.  I can work on it a little at at time and there's something beautiful when it's finished. A project that has a beginning and an end.  Unlike never ending laundry and such!

Try it!  Try it!  You'll love it!



  1. Oh, that is so pretty. Looks like a professional job.

  2. Why Oh Why didn't I know you when I had four little babies???

    Beautiful! Who is the lucky friend?

  3. I recognize that beautiful baby creation!!! And I can't wait to have our sweet little girl use it in the next couple weeks! You truly have an amazing talent...and a huge heart to go through all that trouble to make our newest daughter something so special. Our current girls were very impressed with your handiwork and tried to claim the doll blanket as their own. You are such a sweetie, Kristin, and I so appreciate you. Not to mention you are one talented gal! Thanks for sharing your craftiness with our newest Steg baby and for showering me with a fun, surprise night out! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I wish I had even a tad bit of stitching talent cuz I'd love to try to make one of these! Love ya, friend! Kel :)