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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blog Award? No Way!

There's a sweet girl in the blog world who occasionally leaves encouraging comments on my blog. She gave me a blog award! I'm in shock.  An award?  Really? It's from Tyler at ET@Titus2:3-5.  Thanks, Tyler.  I'm such a newbie at this, it makes me feel special. Says she's never MIRLed (can that be a verb?) any of her bloggy buddies.  She's from Alberta, Canada, AND she called me "drop dead gorgeous" (which no one, not even my husband, has ever said), so I say.....your place or mine?
I'm supposed to nominate 7, yes seven!, other blogs.  Unfortunately, I only really read two (who have already been awarded) and there's another I WISH would blog more, I'll mention.  All the others, I'm nominating because they were the first non-real-life friends who commented on any of my posts.

The two I read regularly (mainly because I'm the nosy neighbor she's always warning her readers about when they go on vacation):

Still His Girl:  Put simply, Cindy is the one who convinced be start my own blog. She is my neighbor and my friend and a great Mom mentor.  I find myself CONSTANTLY copying her ideas.  I'm currently copying her idea of special plates for each child. I love the ones who pave my way!

Honey, I Fed the Kids!: Neighbor's hubby.  I love to laugh out loud and his posts almost ALWAYS fit the bill.  He's nuts and I really feel sorry for his wife. People that funny are usually equally embarrassing.

The one I wish would post more:
 The Lord Provided a Tree:  Her hubby writes most of it, I think, but as a family, they have so much wisdom to share. I guess she's too busy homeschooling three kids, adopting two babies from China and supporting her husband in worship ministry.  She is a constant encouragement to me, genuinely cares about her friends and their struggles, and I love the fact that she can own up to it when she doesn't have all the answers.  (I still wish she had them, though.)

Here are my blog world commenters (or should that be commentators?):
Lisa at Stop and Smell the Chocolates:  She started blogging about the same time I did.  I love that she's a grown woman and admits that Mary Poppins is one of her favorite movies.  (Mine, too.)

Tammy at Greek GRITS (Girls Raised in the South):  As a fellow GRIT, I liked her IMMEDIATELY!  (I'm from Kentucky, lest anyone think I'm calling Indiana the South.) Check out her GREAT observation on the USA volleyball team uniforms.

Shore Stories:  She calls herself Halfmoon Girl....need I say more?  Seriously, I love that she doesn't mess around with re-makes and is totally dedicated to the A & E version of Pride and Prejudice.  AND...of my limited readership, TWO are from Canada.  Who'da thunk it?

A Planting of the Lord: Kimberly calls herself "kmom3"...I'm one of those, too!  AND, she's from the South.  AND, she loves Sense and Sensibility.  AND, anyone wanna be "kmom4"? BTW, Kimberly, I once dyed my hair the WRONG red.  As blondes, we can definitely do just have to find the right shade.  I ended up copying mine from my little Ava.

Here's how this award dealie works:
- Put the logo on your blog.
- Link to the person you received your award from.
- Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
- Put links to those blogs on your site.
- Leave messages on the blogs you've nominated.



  1. Awwww, thank you so much for the awesome award. I stop over here from Cindy's blog. And since you are her neighbor, I would consider you famous too! ;-)

    Thanks again and nothing better than a GRITS!

  2. Thank you so much, Kristin! That is so sweet.

    I still enjoy seeing the picture of the socks whenever I stop by. :)

    Not only do I love Mary Poppins, but I also think that the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice IS the best one.

  3. Ummm... I think you forgot the part where you say I'm drop-dead gorgeous.

  4. Can I choose neither? I'd rather MIRL at an exotic tropical location far, far away from children. LOL! Kidding - it's been one of those days.

  5. Hi Kristin, I found you from the TItus 2 blog award-- very nice to meet you!

    Mary, mom to 10

  6. Oh, your little Ava has a beautiful shade to copy!!! :)

    Thank you so much for this award! I am sorry I didn't respond sooner!Today was the first day of school for two of my three both yesterday and today have been pretty busy.

    And I am sooooo jealous that you have such an awesome neighbor to copy. I love so many of her ideas myself! :) But I remember Cindy's post that brought me to your about you making her some delicious cookies. So it sounds like you are both winners in the awesome neighbor category! :)

    Thanks again!
    Love and blessings,