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Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Ways That Say "I Love Him"

It may seem like a joke, but it's not. These are the kinds of little things that ease my man's mind a little. It's the very least I can do considering all he does for me.

1. Keep your shoes on your feet or in your closet.
2. Unplug the curling iron when finished.
3. Have the dishwasher emptied and ready for supper dishes.
4. Keep the counter by the fridge clear of clutter.
5. Sweep the inside door mats regularly.
6. Keep all cabinet and closet doors closed at all times.
7. Don't track mud onto the driveway from the corner of the yard.
8. Above all else, think "value."
9. Combine errands as much as possible.
10. Don't buy expensive greeting cards on holidays.

Hope you feel loved today, baby!



  1. Wonder what sort of list he would make for me? Shutter.....

  2. It is no wonder you love me because I am so much like him! 9 out of those 10 are on my list, too! I actually spent about 30 minutes picking the perfect card for D and then left it at the cash register when I realized it cost $7! Seriously, SEVEN dollars! For a card!

    But, I very much appreciated the beautiful $5 card he bought me. It was beautiful and said all the right things. That's why I had to say 9/10 instead of 10/10.

    Love you!

  3. He could be my husband's twin! My Valentine card was one he had found when cleaning out boxes in the garage-"Thinking of You..." with precious words written inside. I sooo related to all the things mentioned and I am trying to do better! :)