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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Father-Daughter Date

Samantha (A.K.A., Sam, Sammie, Gracie, et al) and I go on father-daughter dates occasionally. It’s customary for me to ask her what she wants to do beforehand. She suggested Wonder Lab for our last date – a pretty cool local, hands-on science museum. 

I had the whole should-we-pay-the-day-rate-or-get-a-membership debate with Kristin on the phone right after Sam and I arrived. In a moment chock full of pressure, between Kristin’s, “You decide” and Sammie’s, “Come on, Dad”, I decided to get an annual membership. So far, based on my initial experience with Sammie and a second visit with Chase a few weeks later, I feel good about the investment.

I think the highlight of the kids’ visit was the Grapevine Climber. They both went all the way to the top on their own!  Click this link to see it and other cool exhibits.

I promise I'll get better at remembering to take photos of our adventures.

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1 comment:

  1. Stop making us daddies who don't date our daughters look bad.

    Naw, seriously, what fun! And it's a reminder to me of what I need to be doing.
    Can grown men climb the grapevine?